About me

Silvia Summer

With widespread experiences in the field of art and design (Interior Design, Art Consulting, Art and Craft Education, Painting and Ceramic, Visual Merchandising) spanning over 30 years and including diverse cultures, the core attributes of my work is versatility . 


I hold an MA in Art Education from the "Hochschule für Gestaltung" (now FHNW) in Basel. In 2017 I received my diploma as an Art Therapist from the ITP (Institut for Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy) in Bern.


The colourful puzzle of my life is marked by 13 years living in the USA, whereof 11 years on the beautiful and incomparable island of Maui in Hawaii and 2 years in the contrasting world of New York City. Extended experiences in Scandinavia (Konstfackskolan, Stockholm), South America (Brazil and Venezuela), The Middle East and Former Yugoslavia further enhance my cultural portfolio. All these influences are an integral part of my creative cauldron that I draw from. Together with my sensitivity for the needs of my clients they shape one of a kind, "out of the box" solutions, that are in the end co-creations.


In 2015 I started to teach art classes at the Schule für Gestaltung Bern und Biel (SfGBB) in Bern. It is my mission to bring Beauty and Harmony into the lives of people through art and creativity, helping people to use this powerful tool to support their wellbeing in their homes and in the world. 

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