The Art of Living as an Expression of your Uniqueness

  • Would you like your home to become a unique expression of its inhabitants?
  • Have your needs or your situation changed and do you want your living quarters to correspond to your new circumstances?
  • Do you need professional and creative advice for a new addition to your home?
  • Should your home be your sacred heaven, a source of inspiration, a place of gathering for family and friends or offer new perspectives?
  • Do you need competent support in designing and creating fresh solutions for your Living Spaces?
  • Is the eye of an expert helpful in presenting or placing your cherished art works? Or do you need the advice of an Art Consultant for the purchase of a piece of art?
  • Take a look at our Art Gallery with handpicked works in the field of Abstract Painting, Etching and Sculptures!

I am dedicated to help you realize your dreams in your home! 

"My home is my castle"