Living as a form of life quality

It is my aim to create your personalised LivingSpace based on your actual personal needs and wishes for change. 


My home is my castle, Sacred Space, Open House, Retreat, Family Home... whatever your hearts desire...whatever the form of co-operation, we will create new, individual solutions tailored to your needs. In an inspiring, open creative process we allow ideas to unfold into a beautiful expression of your vision. 


The resulting LivingSpace stands as a living expression of the people who inhabit the space and enrich it with their uniqueness.


With over 30 years experience in various creative professions, I support you with my professional creative and intuitive capacities as a spaceshifter and changemaker.


Interior Coaching supports your personal and creative development in your living quarters. I consult and accompany you in the process to put your individual  stamp into your LivingSpace. Together we create SpaceSolutions, that support your personal needs and emanate a beautiful spirit that makes you truly feel at home.


My home is my castle is more than just a line. Experience your home as a source of rejuvenation, inspiration, a place of connection and new perspectives. Simply a place you always long to return to.